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Op-Ed: Biden’s speech in Michigan pushed socialist domestic agenda

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The following op-ed was authored by Gerard Gibert, Host of MidDays on SuperTalk Mississippi 
This past Tuesday in Michigan, Joe Biden delivered a speech lobbying hard for his mammoth tax-spend, socialist domestic agenda. I took one for the team and watched all 34 minutes.  Here’s a summary of what stood out:
✅ He harped on the need to improve our competitive position with China. His plan to achieve that goal is to become more like…China.
✅ He wants the government to hire 1.3 million to work in a New Deal-like Civilian Climate Corps. He cited and praised the FDR New Deal.
✅ He says his bipartisan infrastructure plan will create millions of new jobs installing EV charging stations, replacing lead water pipes, erecting power lines, etc. Emphasized that 90% of these jobs will not require a college degree, but then later declares free community college as essential to our future.
✅ He called for the U.S. to be the leader in EVs, battery technology and green energy. He denounced fossil fuels and essentially suggested an end to the petroleum industry.
✅ With each use of the word “jobs,” he preceded with “union.” Since the campaign, he’s made it clear that he does not respect nor does he value non-union labor.
✅ He continued to lambaste 50 corporations that produced $40 billion GAAP net income but zero profit for tax purposes, thus paid no income taxes. He fails to explain that these companies broke no laws but rather leveraged tax code provisions that allow immediate expending of capital investments and carryover of NOLs. More importantly, he didn’t disclose that absolutely nothing in his plan amends these existing tax laws. These same corporations, under the same circumstances would pay zero in taxes. And that’s a good thing.  Even if they did pay on GAAP, that = $10 billion, hardly a drop in the proverbial bucket.  He said “fair share” so many times I lost count.
✅ He spouted all sorts of statistics about how we lag the rest of the world in social programs, such as free pre-k, child care, family leave, blah blah. He wants America to emulate a combination Europe and China.
✅ His vision of America is one of government cradle to grave reliance. Government will fund your health care by expanding Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare subsidies, pay you to have children, pay for their education from pre-k through college; pay for child care, elderly care, pay for not working. And of course he sees more people occupying government jobs such as at the IRS, DHS, Climate Corps, etc.
✅ He made no mention of crippling inflation (top issue to Americans) supply chain woes, Afghanistan, the border chaos, rampant crime or COVID restriction overreach.
Bottom line is that this plan will forever transform America into a socialist, government dependency nanny state.  There is nothing noble, creative or innovative in confiscating income from society’s most productive and transferring it to a recipient class.
The plan includes no policies to facilitate the creation of wealth; rather it simply reallocates it – by force. The President has no idea how to increase the size of the economic pie, he only knows how to recut it. He’s a career government swamp creature steeped in the practice of expanding the swamp.
He proved that again Tuesday.

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