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Opinion: Ole Miss is unpacking the essence of freedom with new minor

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In the tapestry of American history, few words hold as much weight and significance as “freedom.” This concept, both elusive and vital to the American experiment, is the backbone of our national identity. It’s the glue that holds our Constitution together — the perennial parchment on which our social contract as Americans is written. And it’s a topic a new initiative at Ole Miss is committed to exploring, discussing, and teaching.

The Declaration of Independence Center for the Study of American Freedom (the Declaration Center) at Ole Miss stands as a testament to the importance of the foundational principles of America, embodied in the ideals expressed in America’s founding documents. By delving deep into the ideals that freedom and liberty encompass, the Center aims to rejuvenate academic discourse, address contemporary misconceptions, and pave the way for a more informed future.

Upon meeting Steven Skultety, the director of the Declaration Center, one thing became clear: his mission is rooted in passion and authenticity.

“I genuinely believe that the future of higher education depends on ensuring that students, faculty, and citizens have opportunities to think about what it means to live in a free country,” Skultety observed.

As chair of the Department of Philosophy and Religion, Skultety brings a nuanced perspective that bridges modern educational philosophies with both historic and contemporary interpretations of American tenets.

Reflecting on this, he added, “No matter what path you take in life, your tacit assumptions about freedom, justice, community, and human nature will exert a profound influence on the decisions you make. Like it or not, everyone has a philosophy. The difference among people is whether they’ve taken the time to get clear on what they believe and why they believe it.”

His ability to make complex ideas approachable is a testament to his dedication to inclusive education, and it underscores why his work at Ole Miss is so timely and important.

The Declaration Center seeks to address some of the most pressing questions of our time. How do our interpretations of freedom and liberty compare with other cherished values? How have these terms evolved, and where might they be headed?

“All of our values have a historical background – and that background is often complex, surprising, and genuinely fascinating,” Skultety said. “At the same time, while these familiar ideas are rooted in history, they’re not trapped by history. We need to be constantly analyzing them and taking stock of what they mean in the face of new threats, new opportunities, and new possibilities.”

The answers to the questions Skultety and his colleagues are raising are essential in understanding our nation’s past and shaping its future. Historically, the interplay between legal systems, political structures, and economic mechanisms has dictated the course of freedom in societies. As America finds itself at many intersecting crossroads, both domestically and globally, understanding these intricate relationships is more important than ever.

One of the most pressing issues of our time is the growing disconnect between the popular understanding of freedom and its historical and philosophical roots. The Declaration Center seeks to address this, not through exclusion, but by fostering a culture of open dialogue and critical thinking.

“Universities and colleges work best when they embrace genuine viewpoint diversity, and then also encourage students and faculty to develop habits of civil discussion with those with whom they disagree,” Skultety said. “What hope is there for our country if we’re producing citizens who are not psychologically equipped to tolerate debate about the most profound issues of our time?”

The vision of the Declaration Center extends beyond the boundaries of Ole Miss. Its collaborative endeavors with other Mississippi institutions underscore a commitment to a collective understanding of freedom. Skultety is quick to highlight the collaborative nature of the initiative. This synergistic approach promises to amplify the impact of its activities, such as the Freedom Studies minor at Ole Miss and the myriad of research and speaker events, along with bringing in peers from colleges and universities across Mississippi to collaborate and integrate these lessons into their own curriculum.

“The Declaration Center will be a resource for students, faculty, and citizens across Mississippi,” Skultety said. “I’ve already met with dozens of people, from a wide variety of disciplines, at multiple institutions. I’d love to work with more. Anyone interested in being part of the Declaration Center network should contact us at”

The challenges we face as a nation are not insurmountable, but they require introspection and understanding. The American experiment is a continuous journey, one that demands we revisit and reevaluate our foundational beliefs. Under Skultety’s leadership, the Declaration Center at Ole Miss stands as a beacon, urging us to reflect, debate, and above all, engage. Because to truly honor our history, we must first understand it.

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