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Popular outdoors podcast returning to original form under new ownership

Jordan Blissett (left) and Lake Pickle (right) have acquired ownership to the "Speak the Language Podcast." Photo courtesy of Lake Pickle. 

A podcast popular among hunters in both Mississippi and nationwide is returning to its original form.

The Speak the Language Podcast, previously owned by Primos Hunting, has been acquired by co-hosts Lake Pickle and Jordan Blissett. Pickle, who formerly worked for Primos but now works for OnX, informed SuperTalk Mississippi News that new episodes will begin being released on a weekly basis as early as August.

“We officially acquired it, and now, we have the show back in our hands,” Pickle said. “We’ve got some planning to do because we’re revamping everything. But I’m super excited for the future of the show.”

Pickle, known for the viral videos he produces across the outdoors scene, started the show in 2017 alongside Blissett when both worked for Primos and it quickly grew into a hit. Along with millions of downloads, the two outdoor experts would hold remotes that attracted hundreds of fans to come out and listen to the show live.

However, when Pickle left for OnX in 2022, the show’s consistency began to taper and, in his words “just sputter along” for the next couple of years. As listeners began to wonder what was going on, Pickle knew he needed to find a way to get the show back.

“It just wasn’t the same, so I knew I wanted it back. I wanted my co-host back. Jordan is like a brother to me. I wanted him and the show back, so for a while, I have been trying to figure out how to do that,” Pickle explained, adding that as part of the agreed contract, Primos will stay involved as a title sponsor.

“I told them that I would keep Primos if they wanted me to. All I was asking is that they give me the show, so I can do what I know will make it work again. Thankfully, they agreed. So, we still have Primos as the title sponsor and we’re keeping the same name. I think we’re going to do some really cool things with it.”

Pickle and Brissett’s plans for the relaunch of the Speak the Language Podcast include reverting to the original theme of education paired with entertainment. That, according to Pickle, is the best way to reach outdoorsmen and women who take pride in both conservation and preservation of land while also enjoying activities such as hunting and fishing that Mississippi and other southeastern states are well known for.

“First and foremost, it will be an explanation of what in the world has been going on. I know a lot of people have questions,” Pickle said. “But man, we plan to kind of do what we did from the beginning and that is to entertain and educate on the topics of wildlife and conservation.”

Topics will include everything from ways to improve hunting land to the rise of chronic wasting disease in deer populations. Pickle noted that SuperTalk Outdoors with Ricky Mathews has also inspired him and Blissett to dive into some of the politics that play a key role in the wildlife scene.

“We talk about these issues when we go on his show – and we’ve talked about them in the past on our show – but honestly through going on Ricky Mathews’ show, he alone has encouraged me to lean into those topics,” Pickle said. “There’s a balance for both.”

While neither Pickle nor Blissett are still with Primos and the show has officially been transferred to the two co-hosts, Pickle concluded that he’s grateful for the nine years he worked for Primos and all the company has done to advance wildlife conversations across the state.

“When I was a kid, Will Primos was practically Peyton Manning to me. He was a hero to me,” Pickle said. “The show could not have started without them. [They] allowed us to be creative and get it started.”

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