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Pregnancy Resource Act creates $3.5M tax credit for Mississippi pregnancy centers

On Thursday afternoon, Governor Tate Reeves signed a $3.5 million tax credit that aims to motivate individuals and businesses to donate to non-profit and crisis pregnancy centers across the state.

The signing of the bill, otherwise known as the Pregnancy Resource Act (HB 1685), comes as Mississippi legislators push for the financial assistance of pregnancy centers that provide services for individuals in the state who have a lower income.

Some of the services provided by the non-profits include free sonograms, pregnancy tests, counseling on options, and more.

“Mississippi will continue to take all available avenues to build and promote a culture of life,” Reeves said. “This means supporting mothers, passing pro-family laws, and strengthening community support systems.”

Most of the centers do not receive federal funding and are fully reliant on the donations of individuals and business owners, with legislators hoping the creation of the tax credit will ease the financial burden of Mississippi pregnancy centers.

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