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Rep. Guest speaks on ‘Task Force Magnolia’

Earlier this week, it was announced that approximately 400 Mississippi National Guard service members had arrived in Washington D.C. to assist law enforcement in the capital area.

Congressman Michael Guest joined The JT Show to talk about the deployment of the individuals.

“It was a volunteer basis, so none of the guardsmen were forced or required to go to Washington,” Guest said. “Many volunteered to go join other guardsmen and our local law enforcement officials in Washington to quell the unrest. What we have seen over the last week is we have seen peaceful protests be hijacked by different groups that have different motives.”

The 400-member mission that is being referred to as ‘Task Force Magnolia’ came about after President Donald Trump instructed Attorney General William Barr “to lead federal law enforcement efforts to assist in the restoration of order to the District of Columbia.” The request came about after some peaceful protests transformed into riots throughout cities across the nation.

“We all support everyone’s constitutional right to peaceful protest and address their government for changes that they think are necessary,” Guest continued. “The thing that I think all of us were saddened about was when we saw the unrest in many of our major urban areas turn violent.”

You can find the full video of Congressman Guest talking about ‘Task Force Magnolia’ below.

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