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Sen. Blount with an update from the capitol

Senator David Blount joined The Gallo Show today to provide his insight into what’s going on at the state capitol.

Blount, who is in his first year as the chairman of the Gaming Committee, noted that mobile gaming is not in the conversation right now, however, it will be in the future.

“Long term, the issue that is under consideration in the legislature is whether to allow mobile sports betting, and I don’t see that happening in the next three weeks,” Blount said. “But, I think it’s something we are going to continue to talk about.”

Mississippi officially legalized sports betting inside the realms of a casino in August of 2018. Since legalization, around $530 million has been wagered on sports in Mississippi.

Regarding the status of extending the 2020 Legislative Session, Blount mentioned that the Senate passed a resolution yesterday that leaves the door open for an extended session if additional relief is provided by the federal government.

“The resolution that passed the Senate yesterday has the legislature finishing the regular session around the first of July, and then coming back if Congress acts,” he said. “If they appropriate new money to help states and local governments [or] if they do something different or if rules and regulations for federal money change, we can come back in October and address that. It’s not going to be a wide-open session for the rest of the calendar year.”

Listen to the full interview below to hear Blount talk about additional topics such as avoiding layoffs and the removal of the state flag.

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