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Senatobia boy accused of urinating in public ordered to write 2-page essay about Kobe Bryant

Quantavious Eason after being arrested for public urination (Photo courtesy of Latonya Eason/Facebook)

A north Mississippi boy who was taken into custody for urinating in public has been ordered to serve three months probation and will have to write an essay about the late NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

11-year-old Quantavious Eason was jailed by Senatobia police in August for allegedly relieving himself in public while his mother was consulting an attorney about a legal matter at a law office near the Tate County courthouse.

The mother, Latonya Eason, was informed by a police officer that her son had been spotted urinating in the parking lot of the law office.

Latonya stated that when asked for his reasoning, Quantavious explained that he went behind his mother’s car after his sister said that the office did not have a restroom.

She then reprimanded her child, resulting in the officer saying that Quantavious would only be issued a court referral and could get back in Eason’s vehicle.

Additional officers arrived shortly after, with a lieutenant later stating that the then 10-year-old was going to be arrested and placed in the back of a cop car for public urination.

Quantavious was subsequently transported to the police department and released after his mother completed the required paperwork.

Following the controversy that surrounded the minor’s arrests, Senatobia Police Chief Richard Chandler stated in a social media post that the officer involved, who has not been named, is “no longer employed” with the department following an internal investigation.

Part of the child’s probation involves Quantavious, alongside his mother, having to check in with a judge every month.

The Eason family will likely pursue litigation against the Senatobia Police Department.

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