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Senator Wiggins provides an update from the capitol

This morning, Senator Brice Wiggins joined The Gallo Show in order to give an insight on what’s going on at the state capitol.

“The first thing that comes to mind is we have to get the governor’s DPS commissioner confirmed, which is our former colleague Sean Tindell,” Wiggins said. “I expect that to come up this week.”

Wiggins, who is the vice-chairman of the Appropriations Committee, also talked about the Early Learning Collaborative Act, which provides funding to local communities for the implementation of quality early childhood education and development services.

“We are literally top five in the country with our early learning collaboratives,” Wiggins explained. “We are a leader in this. The bill is pending in the House right now, and today is the deadline. With that bill, we would remain top five in the country, put the benchmarks that we need to have in there, and support our collaboratives and our teachers.”

Regarding the Senate’s recent disapproval of the House’s notion to extend the current legislative session, Wiggins believes the resolution is unnecessary as of now.

“The Senate…did not want to rubberstamp what the House did in that resolution, because we didn’t think it was proper,” Wiggins said. “We didn’t see at the time why we had to do it last week. We still have got three weeks, four weeks in this session with a lot to go, dealing with the CARES Act and all that.”

The state of Mississippi originally received $1.25 billion in federal funding from the CARES Act and has already set aside $300 million of it for small businesses. To listen to the interview with Wiggins, check out the video below.

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