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Should there be national standards for federal elections?

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Legislation that would establish national standards and guidelines in an effort to safeguard the accuracy and integrity of federal elections is being introduced by MS Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, along with Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla).  The Save Democracy Act is an effort to restore public trust in the integrity of our elections.

Senators John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) and Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.) also cosponsored Scott’s measure.

The Save Democracy Act (S.459) includes the following provisions:

Promoting Integrity in Voter Registration:

Protects the integrity of voter rolls by prohibiting automatic voter registration for federal elections.

Requires citizenship verification to register to vote in federal elections.

Requires full social security numbers to register to vote in federal elections.

Enhancing Security in Casting of Ballots:

Mandates states to deliver an absentee ballot only to a voter who has requested one for federal elections

Enhances security by allowing only the voter, an election official, or the post office to submit a ballot to a polling location.

Bars the use of unmonitored ballot collections boxes in federal elections.

Requires the delivery of absentee ballots by the close of Election Day.

Maintains current protections for military and overseas voters.

Improving Accuracy in Tabulation of Ballots:

Requies at least 2 representatives of each Presidential campaign in a general election are permitted to observe polls and vote counting operations.

Requires that ballot counting, once begun, must continue until completed–no delays or pauses.

Requires the audit of ballot tabulation systems within the 30-day period following a federal election.


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