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Speaker White makes appointments as committees look to tackle tax and healthcare reform

Mississippi Capitol Legislature State Flag
The Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson (Photo by SuperTalk Mississippi News)

As lawmakers plan to work between now and next year’s session on certain issues such as tax and healthcare reform, House Speaker Jason White has announced appointments for a handful of key committees.

“With the appointments made to these committees, I feel confident that the Mississippi House of Representatives will thoroughly study current state laws and tax structures to make informed recommendations for the 2025 Legislative Session,” White said, per a release. “The House will continue its pursuit of bold initiatives and policies to improve our great state, focusing on the betterment of Mississippi and all her citizens.”

Of appointments announced on Friday are members of the Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER) Committee, the Select Committee on Healthcare Reform: Certificate of Need (CON), Select Committee on Prescription Drugs, Select Committee on Tax Reform, and Joint Legislative Committee on Compilation, Revision, and Publication.

PEER Committee
  • Donnie Bell (R)
  • Kevin Ford (R)
  • Becky Currie (R)
  • Kevin Felsher (R)
  • Cedric Burnett (D)
  • Casey Eure (R)
  • Stacey Wilkes (R)
Select Committee on Healthcare Reform: CON
  • Sam Creekmore (R), co-chair
  • Hank Zuber (R), co-chair
  • Clay Mansell (R)
  • Missy McGee (R)
  • Kevin Felsher (R)
  • Doc Harris (R)
  • Joey Hood (R)
  • Jon Lancaster (R)
  • Tamarra Grace Butler-Washington (D)
  • Timaka James-Jones (D)
  • Fabian Nelson (D)
  • Robert Sanders (D)
  • Omeria Scott (D)
  • Ricky Thompson (D)
  • Donnie Scoggin (R)
  • Jim Estrada (R)
  • Brent Anderson (R)
Select Committee on Prescription Drugs
  • Jerry Turner (R), co-chair
  • Beth Luther Waldo (R), co-chair
  • Andy Stepp (R)
  • Stacey Wilkes (R)
  • Chris Bell (D)
  • Andy Boyd (R)
  • Justis Gibbs (D)
  • Greg Holloway (D)
  • Jimmy Fondren (R)
  • Rodney Hall (R)
  • Stephanie Foster (D)
  • Tracy Arnold (R)
  • Gene Newman (R)
  • Jeffrey Harness (D)
  • Steve Lott (R)
  • Brad Mattox (R)
  • Zakiya Summers (D)
  • Elliott Burch (R)
Select Committee on Tax Reform
  • Trey Lamar (R), co-chair
  • Scott Bounds (R), co-chair
  • Jansen Owen (R)
  • Karl Oliver (R)
  • Shane Aguirre (R)
  • Clay Deweese (R)
  • Angela Cockerham (I)
  • Billy Adam Calvert (R)
  • Kevin Felsher (R)
  • Randy Rushing (R)
  • Lee Yancey (R)
  • Hester McCray (D)
  • Dana McLean (R)
  • Ronnie Crudup, Jr. (D)
  • Otis Anthony (D)
  • Lawrence Blackmon (D)
  • Justin Keen (R)
  • Tracey Rosebud (D)
Joint Legislative Committee on Compilation, Revision, and Publication
  • Jason White (R), Speaker
  • Manly Barton (R), Speaker Pro Tempore
  • Fred Shanks (R)
  • Jansen Owen (R)
  • Shanda Yates (I)
  • Justis Gibbs (D)
  • Noah Sanford (R)

Policy initiatives expected to be studied and discussed through these committees include rolling back the state’s CON laws in an attempt to further open Mississippi’s healthcare market, cutting more taxes such as income and grocery, and changing the way pharmacies are reimbursed.

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