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Starkville golf cart/LSV rules are changing, but MSU’s rules are not ─ particularly on game days

Bully (Image courtesy of Mississippi State University)

While the City of Starkville has adopted new policies regarding the operation of low-speed vehicles (LSV) and golf carts, the rules regarding such vehicles on the Mississippi State University campus have not changed – including on MSU game days.

MSU Special Events and Game Day Committee Chairman Sid Salter and MSU Parking and Transportation Executive Director Jeremiah Dumas issued an advisory today [Oct. 13] regarding golf cart/LSV operations on campus.

“We want to be certain that there are no misunderstandings regarding MSU golf cart/LSV policies as the City of Starkville transitions to its­ new policies,” said Salter. “Our policies have not changed, and we will continue to operate exactly as we have for the last few years.”

Dumas shared the following details which golf cart and LSV operators should know and obey:

─All vehicles operating on the MSU campus must be street legal vehicles displaying a current license plate registered to said vehicle. In order to qualify for a license plate, low-speed vehicles (LSV) must have safety belts, turn signals, brake lights, an official vehicle identification number (VIN), and a top speed of 25 mph, etc.

­­─All vehicles operating on campus must adhere to all state and local traffic and parking laws and policies, including but not limited to only operating on and within open roads and parking lots with no access to closed roads or parking lots, access-controlled roads or parking lots without the appropriate credential, landscaped areas, turf, plazas, sidewalk, bike or multi-use pathways, or any other campus area that is not deemed an open roadway or parking lot.

─Registered street legal vehicles include any vehicle displaying an official vehicle identification number (VIN) and state-issued license plate. Golf carts without a VIN and state- issued license plate do not qualify as street legal vehicles.

─All vehicles must be parked in a valid parking space displaying an active permit or registered with an active parking session.

­­­­─On game days, no vehicles may access closed roads or parking lots and a valid Bulldog Club permit is required per vehicle for entry into controlled access roads or parking lots­­.

─Violations of these laws and policies will result in ticketing, booting, towing and revocation of parking and access privileges.

Story provided by Sid Salter, MSU Special Events and Game Day Committee Chairman

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