Jones County Game of the Week Live Streaming

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Scheduled Games*

2/22    Stringer vs West Jones    7pm

2/23     Newton County vs South Jones   1pm

2/26     Ben's Ford vs Laurel Christian School  6pm

2/28     Hattiesburg vs Northeast Jones    6:30pm

3/5       Christian Collegiate vs Laurel Christian School    7pm

3/7       Wayne Academy vs Northeast Jones   2pm

3/8       Laurel vs West Jones   7pm

3/11     Raleigh vs West Jones  10:30am

3/19     Laurel vs South Jones  7pm

3/21     Sylva Bay vs Laurel Christian School  7pm

3/22     South Jones vs Laurel   7pm

3/23     Laurel vs Northeast Jones  12pm

3/26     West Jones vs South Jones  7pm

3/29     South Jones vs West Jones  7pm

4/2       West Jones vs Laurel  TBA

4/5       Laurel vs West Jones  7pm

4/6       Enterprise vs Northeast Jones  4pm

4/9       Laurel vs South Jones  7pm

4/12     West Jones vs South Jones  7pm

4/13     Taylorsville vs Northeast Jones  3pm

4/16     Prentiss vs Laurel Christian School  7pm



*Games subject to change due to weather