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SuperTalk Mississippi Media Announces New Show ‘MidDays with Gerard Gibert’

SuperTalk Mississippi Staff Report

SuperTalk Mississippi Media will be launching a new show during the time slot left vacant by Mississippi conservative talk show radio icon J.T. Williamson following his passing from lymphoma.

The program ‘MidDays with Gerard Gibert’ will be broadcast weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the statewide SuperTalk Mississippi Network.

A Mississippi native, Gerard is an entrepreneur, capitalist, and Journey junkie. After founding Venture Technologies in 1986, Gerard worked diligently to provide jobs for Mississippians and ultimately sold the well-established company in 2019. Wanting to have a larger impact in Mississippi, Gerard joined the SuperTalk family in March of 2020, filling in as guest host of The JT Show and being overwhelmingly welcomed by the SuperTalk audience.

“It’s been an honor over the past 19 months to guest host for J.T. as he focused on fighting cancer,” said Gibert. “While in the chair, I’ve gotten acquainted with The JT Show’s vast audience – truly the best of Mississippi. Without a doubt, they loved and respected J.T. and I greatly appreciate the welcome they extended to me. I am “Super” excited about launching my new show and look forward to achieving the standard of broadcasting excellence delivered daily by J.T. and consistent with the SuperTalk tradition.”

The show is digitally driven with topics that matter to Mississippians from politics to personal stories giving listeners and viewers alike a voice.

“Gerard is passionate and relatable, with a natural ability to connect with his audience,” said Steve Davenport, owner of SuperTalk Mississippi Media. “He understands the immense power that radio has to connect with listeners for three hours every day. I am confident that he will take this opportunity and create a lasting legacy just as his predecessor J.T. did before him.”

Davenport continued, “The company will always remember J.T. and the impact he had on his wonderful and loyal fanbase, and the state of Mississippi as a whole.”

Even with the show name change, J.T. will always be at the heart of what SuperTalk Mississippi stands for, which is being of the people, by the people, and for the people.

“We want to express our appreciation to the SuperTalk Mississippi family and SuperTalk listeners for everything they did for J.T. and our family over the last year and a half and we wish Gerard the very best as he carries on J.T.’s legacy,” said Janet Williamson, wife of J.T. Williamson. 

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