Start the conversation about Alzheimer’s

Every 65 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease.  Alzheimer’s is America’s 6th leading cause of death and affects more than 5 million Americans and more than 16 million family caregivers. Early detection of Alzheimer’s can make a significant difference for the patient and their family and caregiver.  Dr. Kim Tarver, the Director of The … Continue reading “Start the conversation about Alzheimer’s”

Who should have an AED?

Automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, check and monitor heart rhythm and can send electric shocks to the heart to help it regain a normal rhythm. AEDs are portable devices that are most commonly used to treat SCA, or sudden cardiac arrest. Most people who experience SCA do not survive, but the presence and use of … Continue reading “Who should have an AED?”

A rare-breed landrace of cattle delivered to your door.

Reyer Farms is a Mississippi farm family dedicated to supplying the highest quality beef direct to consumer. The Reyer family started with the idea that their farm could build relationships with families and provide them a connection with the land and the farmer. Jody Reyer joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to talk about bringing back … Continue reading “A rare-breed landrace of cattle delivered to your door.”

Proper sleep impacts mental, physical health

A good night’s sleep is important for everyone, but the true benefits of a restful night for people’s minds and health is sometimes misunderstood and under-appreciated. Signs of poor sleep hygiene may include frequent sleep disturbances, daytime sleepiness and taking a long time to fall asleep. Studies have linked poor sleep to depression, obesity, heart … Continue reading “Proper sleep impacts mental, physical health”

Take a Hike in Mississippi

Mississippians are known for enjoying the great outdoors in the form of hunting and fishing. But, did you know that the Magnolia State offers 70 plus different trails fit for hiking and taking in nature in a new way? Mississippi’s diverse landscape and wide open spaces make for great hiking, transporting you from a busy … Continue reading “Take a Hike in Mississippi”

Sunscreen Do’s and Dont’s

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 5.4 million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year, occurring in over 3.3 million Americans, as people often have more than one. Bringing it home, about 80 Mississippians will lose their life … Continue reading “Sunscreen Do’s and Dont’s”

Entrepreneurship Runs in a Vicksburg Family

Rebecca Curtis of Vicksburg, Mississippi didn’t set out to raise a family of entrepreneurs. She and her husband, both run small businesses in efforts to provide for their family. Her family got a front row seat to what it takes to make a living working for yourself. From there, all three children were inspired to … Continue reading “Entrepreneurship Runs in a Vicksburg Family”

A sweet way to build homes in Honduras

Jellyhouse Ministries from Sandtown United Methodists Church in Neshoba County, Mississippi — will warm your heart and sweeten your biscuit. Connie Walters decided to give jelly and jams a try in efforts to raise money for her church to build homes in Honduras. The idea took off, and God has provided the way for more than 15 … Continue reading “A sweet way to build homes in Honduras”

Provide nourishing food to hungry Mississippians.

Mississippi Food Network (MFN) has been feeding Mississippians since 1984. MFN distributes more than 1.5 million pounds of food and feeds more than 150,000 every month — or a total of 1.8 million people per year. MFN takes donations from multiple sources, and distributes food and goods through 430 member agencies. They, in turn, distribute to recipients … Continue reading “Provide nourishing food to hungry Mississippians.”

Mississippi James Beard Award Semifinalist Chef Cole Ellis

In 2013, Cole Ellis returned to his hometown of Cleveland, Mississippi to open Delta Meat Market, a butcher shop and boutique grocer of fine Southern foods. The idea took root in the community, generating a loyal following and friendly atmosphere. The culinary world took notice of Chef Cole, and he was nominated as a semifinalist in … Continue reading “Mississippi James Beard Award Semifinalist Chef Cole Ellis”

March of Dimes Encourages Unspoken Stories

Motherhood isn’t always easy, yet the most personal stories are the ones we don’t often talk about, and it only takes hearing one story like your own to know that you are not alone.  March of Dimes is calling on individuals to share their stories and break down the stigmas that exist around these too common … Continue reading “March of Dimes Encourages Unspoken Stories”

Graduating Senior Lands Coveted Internship in Luxury Hotel Market

Victor Muñagorri Moreno a recent graduate of University of Mississippi, is prepared to head off for the summer to fulfill the final requirements for his bachelor’s degree in hospitality management through an internship at one of the world’s premier brands in luxury travel. It was Victor’s love of travel and people that drew him to … Continue reading “Graduating Senior Lands Coveted Internship in Luxury Hotel Market”