Sanderson Farms Championship spreads Batson message

Richard Cross, Michael Borkey and Brian Scott Rippee sat down with tournament director Steve Jent at the Sanderson Farms Championship yesterday. Find out just how much notoriety and awareness this spectacular tournament brings to Blair E. Batson Hospital for Children and the Magnolia State.

Hadad Hops on the Phone with JT

Brian Hadad(Mississippi State Corespondent – Sports Talk Mississippi) jumped on the phone to give you an update from Omaha on what the Diamond Dawgs have done during the day-long rain delay and all the food he has been enjoying during his time in Omaha. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it … Continue reading “Hadad Hops on the Phone with JT”

Floyd Allen’s Improbable Journey to the SEC

A black 2003 Honda Civic rolled to a stop in a parking lot at Alondra Park just off the campus of El Camino College in Los Angeles County, California. Just over eight miles west of Compton in the South Bay area, Floyd Allen put the car in park and lay down in the back seat. … Continue reading “Floyd Allen’s Improbable Journey to the SEC”