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The White House quietly issued new guidance on vaccine mandates for federal workers Monday

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There’s been a lot of push back on President Biden’s vaccine mandates from residents across Mississippi.  State lawmakers like House Speaker Philip Gunn have called the President’s actions a huge overreach, and vowed to do what they can to put a stop to their enforcement.

Monday, the White House quietly issued new guidance that appears to provide some flexibility for federal contractors, whose employees were facing a December 8th deadline to either get the vaccine, or face termination.  The new guidelines state that employers must give deference for religious convictions and health status, thus giving employers more discretion than they had under previous guidelines.

Governor Tate Reeves says the mandates are nothing short of tyranny.  In a social media post today, he’s vowing to continue working with the Attorney General’s Office to fight the mandates through the courts.  He expects to have a lawsuit filed against the Biden Administration by the end of the week.

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