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‘They are miracles’: Mississippi teacher 21 weeks pregnant, expecting quintuplets

Haylee and Shawn Ladner (couple on the right) after learning they're expecting quintuplets. Photo: Facebook

In what she’s calling “a miracle,” a Mississippi teacher is 21 weeks pregnant and expecting quintuplets.

Haylee Ladner, who teaches at Oak Grove Middle School in Hattiesburg, married her now-husband Shawn in 2019. The couple immediately decided to embark on starting a family, but after two miscarriages, the Ladners sought help from a fertility clinic.

The fertility clinic recommended Haylee undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment in order to get pregnant, which ultimately worked – and in abundance, to say the least.

“This last IUI, the doctor does monitoring during my natural cycle to make sure how many eggs we’re going to have, and we had two.” Haylee recounted on Tuesday’s episode of Good Things with Rebecca Turner. “So, when we found out we were pregnant, we were thinking, ‘Oh okay, well we might have twins,’ but we never thought five.”

According to Haylee’s doctor, her having quintuplets from just two eggs is essentially a natural phenomenon with a one in 60 million chance of happening.

“He said he had never seen this in his career before, and he has been a practicing physician in Mississippi for 20 years or more,” Haylee continued. “He said the chances of one egg splitting four times and creating identical quadruplets was a one in 10 million chance, and for the other egg to fertilize too, makes it even more rare.”

Surprises aside, the Ladners are more than excited to welcome four girls and one boy and are hoping to serve as an inspiration to other couples struggling with infertility.

“They are the biggest blessings and gifts from God that I could have ever received because there were many nights that I just cried and didn’t think that I would be able to have a baby,” Haylee said. “We wanted to share this story for two reasons: one, because we believe they are miracles given to us by God, and two, we wanted to do it to hopefully help other couples who have gone through infertility, too, know that they have some hope out there in the world as well.”

The full interview with Haylee Ladner can be watched below.


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