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Think the COVID vaccine happened overnight? LSU Doctor says it took years of research

Dr. Catherine O’Neal

Dr. Catherine O’Neal is chief medical officer of Our Lady of the Lake hospital system in Baton Rouge, Louisana. She is also an assistant professor of infectious disease at LSU Health New Orleans.

In this video, Dr. O’Neal shares how a lifetime of mRNA vaccine research made it possible to have the vaccine when it was needed.

O’Neal said, “I think about elite athletes, who work their whole lives to get to the National Championship and play the best game of their lives. And for those of us who are the average sports fan, we actually think it was just that season’s practice that got them there. Absolutely not. It was the first person who put a ball in their hand when they were 3-years-old.”

“They have been practicing and working every single day, not just that season,” she said. “And that’s what this COVID-19 vaccine is. We have been working for decades to make sure that when we had a pandemic, we took it out of our back pocket and we said, ‘We’re ready.’ We should be proud of this. We were ready.”

Dr. O’Neal’s video is available below.

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