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Two Men and a Truck navigates employees through extreme heat

Photo courtesy of Two Men and a Truck/Facebook

As Mississippians continue to navigate through a statewide heat advisory, one moving company has taken extra steps to help its employees get through the brutal conditions.

Shelby Taylor, public relations and marketing specialist at Two Men and a Truck in Ridgeland, explained that with late July and early August being the busiest times of the year for moving, the company is going the extra mile to encourage precautionary measures for those working out in the heat.

One of the primary ways the moving company, which operates over 3,000 moves per year, protects its workers during elevated temperatures is by keeping the movers fully stocked with water and other beverages to keep them hydrated.

“We have safety meetings with them every morning. ‘Stay hydrated’ is the number one rule that we tell them,” Taylor told SuperTalk Mississippi News. “We have plenty of water, Gatorade, and Liquid IVs. We stock up on those and we hand those out to the guys every morning. They keep them on their trucks and in their coolers, so they can just drink water and have those drinks throughout the day.”

While Two Men and a Truck does not offer evening moving services, the moving crews start their days early in the morning — especially during the hottest periods of the year — so that the movers can finish a full day of work before the heat becomes unbearable.

“We do start moves in the morning, so that’s a good thing,” Taylor continued. “I tell people if they are going to schedule a move to try to do a move themselves, to start it in the morning or try to do it in the evening. We don’t do things in the evening, but we start them first thing [in the morning], so they can get done before the heat gets to them.”

According to Taylor, all the moving trucks have operating air conditioning and sliding doors on the side to keep a smooth flow of air circulating during the summer months.

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