What Will be on Your Easter Table?

Malcolm Reed(Killer Hogs BBQ and HowToBBQRight.com) to talk about some good grub you can throw on the smoker/in the oven this weekend for Easter – a Double Smoked Spiral Ham with Honey Dijon Mustard and Brown Sugar! If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find out how to have everybody talking about your … Continue reading “What Will be on Your Easter Table?”

Over-the-counter Kratom affects the brain “just like heroin”

More than 100 people have overdosed on a supplement or herbal drug called Kratom. It’s from a tree that grows in tropical Asia and Dr. Scott Hambleton, from the Mississippi Physician Health Program, told Paul Gallo that it is an addictive substance that affects the brain “just like heroin”.

Mississippi’s First Female Senator after Year One

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith joined the conversation to break down her first year in office as Mississippi’s first elected female senator representing the state in the US Senate and to talk about the work she’s done in her first year in office. If you missed her conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Lt. Gov. Reeves: Government needs to prioritize projects

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves joined The Gallo Radio Show and talked about a shortened session, the lottery and gas taxes. Reeves says if we could set priorities for the government, we could fund what we need with the money that’s already coming in. Take a listen.

Robert Foster Making a Run for Governor

Mississippi Representative Robert Foster has thrown his hat in the ring for the upcoming gubernatorial election for the Magnolia State, and he is facing down several seasoned Republicans in the Primary. Foster made his way into the studio to sit down with JT and discuss his platform that he’s promoting on the campaign trail. If … Continue reading “Robert Foster Making a Run for Governor”

Paul Gallo puts Brandon Jones in the hot seat

Former State Legislator and Democrat PAC head, Brandon Jones, joined The Gallo Radio Show on Tuesday. Jones was asked about an overview on legislation passed during the just completed 2019 Legislative Session. His view of the Heartbeat Bill lead to an active discussion.

Judge Ken Starr Stops by the Studio

Judge Kenneth Starr joined State Treasurer Lynn Fitch in studio with JT on the JT Show to discuss his career in the Washington, his work on the investigation of the Clintons, his new book Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation, and his visit to Mississippi. If you missed the conversation with JT, you can … Continue reading “Judge Ken Starr Stops by the Studio”

Steve Azar Stops by the Studio

Steve Azar(Mississippi Musician/Songwriter and Host of “In a Mississippi Minute”) joins the conversation to discuss his love of Golf and the Masters as well as giving you a sneak peak at something pretty cool he is working on with the Governor for the Magnolia State. If you missed their conversation, you can find it here – Jim … Continue reading “Steve Azar Stops by the Studio”

Golf’s Go-To Guy – Jim Gallagher Jr.

Jim Gallagher(Former PGA Tour Pro and Ryder Cup Winner and current Golf Network analyst and sportscaster) joined the conversation to discuss the beauty of Augusta National, the mystique surrounding the Masters, and his stories from working on just about every golf tour there is. If you missed their conversation, you can find it here – … Continue reading “Golf’s Go-To Guy – Jim Gallagher Jr.”

Cheese Straws, Cookies, and MORE!

Jeff Flathau(Founder and CEO of Flathau’s Fine Foods) dropped by the studio to give JT a chance to sample some of his fine foods and to talk about how he has gone from catering to being featured on The Food Network’s “Unwrapped” and being recognized by Governor Phil Bryant. If you missed his conversation with … Continue reading “Cheese Straws, Cookies, and MORE!”