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UMMC’s Woodward: COVID-19 spike caused by Memorial Day

As the number of cases of COVID-19 continues to increase in the state of Mississippi, Dr. LouAnn Woodward, who is the dean of the School of Medicine at UMMC, understands that the reopening of the economy is inevitable, however, people need to stay smart.

“I think what we saw yesterday in the spike in cases is a reflection of Memorial Day weekend,” Woodward said on today’s episode of The Gallo Show. “My expectation is as this week goes on, we will continue to see several days of high numbers.”

Yesterday, the Mississippi Department of Health reported 498 new cases in Mississippi, and after a series of protests going on throughout the state, it would be sensical for that daily number to continue rising.

“I am confident that we cannot shelter in place through the duration of this pandemic,” Woodward said. “I think we have to all come to the reality that we are going to have to live with it…but we have to be smart about it.”

Woodward highly encourages people—symptomatic or not—to continue wearing their masks and, of course, keep washing and sanitizing their hands.

Woodward also mentioned that she feels “encouraged” regarding the possibility of an efficient vaccine being created within the next five to eight months. To hear her talk about what that may look like, click the video below.

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