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Unemployment Numbers Rise for US and Mississippi

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The number for unemployment initial claims in the week ending March 21st was 3,283,000. That’s 282,000 more just from the week before across the US.

This rise is seen because of the COVID-19 outbreak going on across the world, with the US having the most cases of all at 85,000.

The coronavirus has definitely hit Mississippi as well, with 64 of our 82 counties having at least one positive case of the virus (as of March 25th, 2020).

Not only are unemployment numbers up in the US, but in the Magnolia State as well.  Just last week (the week ending March 21st), and also the week that most businesses began closing due to the spread of the virus, the state had 6,723 people apply for unemployment.

That alone is a 586% rise from the week before (the week ending March 14th).  For numbers, the week ending March 14th there were only 1,147 claims and the week before that only 879.

Governor Tate Reeves said in a tweet, “Mississippi unemployment claims re rising quickly, as they are across the country.  We are working hard to deal with the massive influx and take care of our people…”

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