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Vicksburg man files complaint against Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom over $15M estate

A Vicksburg man is seeking to cancel the sale of his $15 million estate in Santa Barbara, Calif. to pop singer Katy Perry and English actor Orlando Bloom.

83-year-old Carl Westcott filed a complaint against the two celebrities stating that “he was under the influence of several intoxicating pain-killing opiates that his physicians instructed him to take” when he signed documents involving the sale of his house in July 2020.

The document explained that Westcott underwent the major six-hour surgery less than a week before the proposed contract to sell his home was presented to him.

His attorneys added that Westcott had just recently purchased and moved into his home two months earlier.

“The multiple opiate medications, which were a synthetic form of morphine, disoriented and intoxicated [Westcott], depriving him of reason and understanding with respect to the terms and consequences of the contract, and seriously impaired [Westcott]’s mental faculties to the point he was of unsound mind and not competent to give his free, voluntary, or intelligent consent to the contract,” Westcott’s attorneys argued.

Westcott also claimed in the document that the two’s business manager, Bernie Gudvi, never issued a payment of $45,000, which represents the “buyer’s initial deposit towards payment of the purchase price, to Berkshire Hathaway, for Berkshire Hathaway to hold and to deposit in escrow within three days after the Residential Sale Agreement was formed on July 18, 2020.”

Bloom and Perry later responded to the letter, telling the LA Times that they are “not willing to walk away from purchasing Mr. Westcott’s home and he is obligated to complete the sale.”

At this time, Westcott is asking for the sale and all of the paperwork involved to be canceled and for his legal fees to be compensated.

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