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Voter integrity focus of Secretary of State in 2022 Legislative Session

Secretary of State Michael Watson says when lawmakers return to the capitol in January, his focus will be on voter integrity.

Watson says maintaining and cleaning up the voter rolls is one priority.

Another priority is making sure only United States citizens are voting in our elections. “If you recall, a couple of months ago, 90 illegal immigrants were dropped off in Natchez and had someone not caught it, it would have been more,” said Watson. “When people say it’s not an issue, it’s only on the border – it’s going to be an issue.”

Watson said, “I couldn’t believe it, but we heard last year in the legislature, we don’t need that – it’s not an issue.” Watson stressed, “Yes, it is. We did our homework – it’s going to be an issue.”

You can watch Secretary Watson’s interview with SuperTalk’s Gerard Gibert below.

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