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White House urges social media to silence misinformation. Reeves calls it un-American.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves
Photo by SuperTalk Mississippi News

The Biden Administration is facing some backlash after encouraging social media platforms to do away with vaccine misinformation.

Fox News reports that White House officials have made it clear that they’re not making the decisions about what gets deleted and that social media companies are the ones going through and removing posts for misinformation.

Monday night, Governor Tate Reeves spoke out about the issue saying, “I believe in the First Amendment and free speech. It’s the cornerstone of our country. I support your right to express yourself even if I disagree or if you’re factually incorrect.”

Reeves said, “The White House pressuring social media platforms to censor information they deem “problematic” or “misinformation” is alarming, especially when some information is later proven to be or could potentially be true. This is un-American. It goes against everything our country was founded on. It’s something you find in a communist country or dictatorship. This type of activity is a threat to our democracy. It must stop.”

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