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Wicker Joins Kudlow to Discuss Taiwan’s Security, Need For Key National Defense Investments

Photo courtesy of Senator Roger Wicker


We need to deny China the ability to invade Taiwan with a strong national defense, according to Senator Roger Wicker.  He penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal urging President Biden to come out and say that America will help defend Taiwan.

The Mississippi Senator–a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee– joined “Kudlow” on Fox Business to discuss his op-ed, titled “Joe Biden Should Come Out and Say It: America Will Help Defend Taiwan.”

During his segment, the Senator highlighted President Biden’s muddled rhetoric on protecting Taiwan, the need to grow America’s naval fleet, and the ongoing suppression of Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai. President Biden has repeatedly hinted at changing American policy and committing to Taiwan’s defense in the event of an invasion, but senior diplomats and advisors have walked back his statements.

“I think the time for ambiguity is over,” Wicker said. “Certainly, it’s time for more of a navy buildup in the Pacific, and the President’s defense budget does not indicate that he understands that part of it.”

The Mississippi senator also affirmed the need to prevent war by denying China the ability to invade Taiwan with a strong national defense.

“We need to avoid a conflict, but the best way to do it is to say that Taiwan is a strategic ally of the United States.”

Read Senator Wicker’s op-ed here.

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