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Worldwide hurricane hunter Josh Morgerman’s ‘Mission: Hurricane’ airs across the nation

Photo courtesy of Josh Morgerman/Twitter

Mississippi resident and worldwide hurricane chaser Josh Morgerman’s new show, Mission: Hurricane, aired across the nation on Sunday, with the first episode focusing on Hurricane Patricia in 2015.

Morgerman, the co-founder of digital advertising company Symblaze, said during an interview on Coast Vue with Ricky Mathews that he has seen dozens of hurricanes over the past 30 years.

“I’ve been in 67 hurricanes, which is a world record,” Morgerman stated. “There’s no one dead or alive who has been in more hurricanes on the ground.”

The New Yorker turned Mississippian explained that he was contacted by several media companies that wanted to make a show using his “unbelievable library of past experiences and past adventures” to give audiences a look into the most historical storms caught on tape.

“They had the idea to develop a show around this using some of my unbelievable archive of footage and also kind of war stories,” Morgerman said. “Each episode, I take the viewer through one of these unbelievable adventures around the world.”

According to Morgerman, the majority of the show was shot in October and December of 2022, with the remainder of the season currently being worked on in postproduction.

“When you start working with a team, developing the creative trust is such a big part of it,” he stated. “They’ve really gotten deep into the content, they really care about it.”

Morgerman added that he hopes the series will touch viewers that have been impacted by hurricanes and show some of the most important storms that he has seen during his career.

“These are stories that really matter to me, I really care about them. These are like my war stories and you want to be telling those to people and putting those in the care of people who care about it,” Morgerman said.

The next episode of Mission: Hurricane is set to air on Sunday at 6:00 p.m. CT on WeatherSpy.

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