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Your Mississippi Forecast for Wednesday, July 6

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Rain is expected to continue throughout the day across the Magnolia State today but there’s still a chance you can see some sun in between storms.

Northern Mississippi:

Mostly sunny skies will be seen throughout most of the northern portion of Mississippi today despite patchy fog throughout the early hours. In the afternoon, there will be a high chance of showers and thunderstorms as temperatures sit in the mid-90s. As for the heat index, temperatures will read from 107 to 112 degrees. As night falls, a portion of clouds will still be present in the sky as temperatures lower back down to the mid-70s.

Central Mississippi:

Weather in central Mississippi is expected to be mostly sunny throughout the day with heat index readings ranging from 107 to 112. In the morning, patchy fog will be present along with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms into the afternoon. Like a typical summer day in the Magnolia State, temperatures will be in the mid-90s across most of the day. When the sun sets, the temperatures will drop to the mid-70s with showers and thunderstorms expected throughout the night.

Southern Mississippi:

Some sun will be seen in the southern parts of Mississippi today as temperatures are anticipated to sit in the lower 90s. Patchy fog will be present in the morning with on and off showers and thunderstorms occurring at various times throughout the day. The heat index expects temperature readings ranging from 101 to 106. Overnight, cloud coverage with showers and thunderstorms will pass through the night as temperatures sit in the mid-70s.

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