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Dan the Banjo Man

By Bob Sullender | December 6, 2018

Dan the Banjo Man in the house with Rebecca Turner and The Metro.  Listen in as he strums that fiddle and plays the harmonica.

Limit who can track you online

By Dawn Dugle | November 16, 2018

How much are these “free” platforms tracking about you on the internet? Quite a lot, actually. Even those browsers that claim to not track your movements online, are tracking what you search for – to serve up some ads to you. What can you do about it? Here are some tips:

Bringing Awareness to SURF1 and Leigh Syndrome

By Bob Sullender | November 8, 2018

Listen in as Rebecca Turner talks with Andre and Elizabeth Ducote about the SURF1 deficiency and Leigh Syndrome on The Metro.  

B52 and a Movie For You

By Bob Sullender | October 11, 2018

Rebecca Turner talked with Professor Rick Negron of Belhaven Univisersity about their B52 Film Challenge.  Listen here to all that is going on.    

Mini AMR Ambulance taking Fair by Storm

By Bob Sullender | October 11, 2018

Rebecca Turner was rolling with the AMR Mini Ambulance on The Metro.  Listen as she chats with AMR’s Eric Phillips and Hinds County Emergency Management’s Joey Phillips about the new vehicle that can get places other response vehicles cant.  

Coffee Time with Coffee News

By Bob Sullender | October 10, 2018

Check out the interview on Mary Wieden and You about the one page wonder Coffee News in and around shops and eateries in the area.

Project 639 Helping to Release Bondages

By Bob Sullender | October 9, 2018

Listen as Rebecca Turner talks with Project 639 on The Metro on how they are helping release those in bondage in various ways.

Mississippi History All In One Place

By Bob Sullender | October 4, 2018

So much to see of Mississippi history when it comes to the archives in downtown Jackson.  Chris Goodwin joined Rebecca Turner on The Metro.  Listen in to find out how to see all the stuff that lays out the history of our great state.

Diabetes and Blindness Connected? You Bet!

By Bob Sullender | October 4, 2018

Listen in as Rebecca Turner interviews Dr. Whittington with Jackson Eye Associates talks about how Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of Blindness.

Autism Conference and State Fair on The Metro

By Bob Sullender | October 3, 2018

Listen in as host Rebecca Turner talks about Mississippi College’s Autism Conference on October 10th and gets the MS State Fair scoop from Steve Hutto. Mississippi College’s Autism Conference MS State Fair Kicks Off  

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