“Blues Over Biloxi” Info on @TheJTShow

Vincent Creel(City of Biloxi) joined the conversation by phone from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to give you all the information you need to know if you are making your way to Biloxi to see the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels as they perform an air show for “Blues over Biloxi”. If you missed his conversation with … Continue reading ““Blues Over Biloxi” Info on @TheJTShow”

Mississippi Chef Makes Health a Priority

While it is no secret that Mississippi overall continues to struggle with finding balance between good food and fitness- it isn’t impossible- even if you are gaining wisdom in your age.  A Gulf Coast businessman and celebrity chef- Rob Stinson joined the conversation to talk how he took control of his health at the ripe … Continue reading “Mississippi Chef Makes Health a Priority”

Navy’s underwater drones could be built on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast

Governor Phil Bryant joined us today on The Gallo Show to talk about the Ocean Task Force. It’s a group of business, academic, military and government interests to research and develop underwater drones. Those drones would map and monitor the ocean and it could mean more jobs right here in Mississippi along the Gulf Coast. … Continue reading “Navy’s underwater drones could be built on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast”