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365 Days of a Father’s Written Love

Ken Slay started writing down his thoughts and unspoken feelings when his daughter, Mae Slay, turned twenty. It would take him a full year, but on Mae’s 21st birthday, he gifted her a book complied with his words of hope and advice. His father intuition told him that his little girl who was growing into a young woman needed to know that he was there for her, even if he couldn’t say the words out loud.

The family would later learn that Mae was drifting behind the scenes and living in active addiction. As she journeyed the road of recovery, her father’s words stayed close to her bedside and in her heart. Today, Mae lives a life of recovery and proudly supports her dad’s efforts to share sage advice with the rest of us.

Ken Slay and Mae Slay joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things and shared their story and words of hope, humility, and the healing that can come from the written word.

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