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Conclusion in sight: Jackson residents to vote on trash collection contractor

Photo courtesy of the City of Jackson/Facebook.

Over one year has passed since the start of the debate between Jackson city officials regarding trash collection contractors, resulting in mounting legal costs from both the city council and Mayor Chowke Antar Lumumba.

For months, Lumumba and the city council have appeared in court to receive a judgement on if the mayor can veto an item that is not voted on by the council. There have been numerous final judgements handed down this year alone, with Lumumba filing an appeal on the most recent judgement just days before the emergency declaration was approved for the Jackson water crisis.

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Now, Lumumba has issued what seems to be a cease-fire involving the matter following a press conference earlier today, announcing that the city council and mayor have decided to begin the negotiation process once again with trash disposal contractors.

In the press conference, Lumumba stated that the contract would continue to secure a contractor for six years or more, as included in the original request for proposals, but city officials would not make the final decision on who will be awarded the contract. Instead, it will be the people of Jackson themselves.

Lumumba explained that a referendum will be put up by city officials, giving the final vote on who will be the city’s trash collector to the residents of Jackson.

“There is no one who has a greater stake in the success of trash collections than the residents of Jackson,” Lumumba said. “I believe that if we give them an opportunity to be heard, then we can come to the answer.”

Currently, Jackson’s trash is being collected by Richard’s Disposal despite a lack of contract between the city and contractor. The Jackson City Council has previously stated that it does not have the intention of paying for Richard’s services, leading the contractor to file a lawsuit against the city.

To see the origins of the ongoing trash debacle, continue reading below.

Timeline of ongoing trash saga in the capital city

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