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Mississippi Supreme Court to hear case from state’s only abortion clinic

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The future of Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic remains uncertain as the state’s Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that was prompted by a petition authored by attorneys for Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

In addition, the Mississippi Center for Justice is backing the clinic. The center claims that the Mississippi Supreme Court has interpreted the state’s Constitution to grant the right to an abortion.

The center also argues that the abortion clinic ought to remain open until the Mississippi Supreme Court decides against its initial interpretation of Pro-Choice Mississippi v. Fordice.

As of now, Shannon Brewer, the executive director of the clinic, has been working on relocating the clinic’s operations to Las Cruces, New Mexico, where access to abortion is not only legal but has also been expanded.

While workers for Jackson Women’s Health Organization were seen cleaning out the facility the day after the state’s trigger law went into effect, operators are holding out hope that the clinic will reopen as a result of the petition.

A three-judge panel of Mississippi’s Supreme Court has agreed to wait to hear arguments from Mississippi Attorney general Lynn Fitch’s office before ruling on the latest petition. The AG’s office has until July 25 to submit its arguments.

Mississippi’s only abortion clinic seeks to re-open in one week

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