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Mississippi’s only abortion clinic seeks to re-open in one week

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Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic has filed an appeal and petition to the state Supreme Court in hopes to re-open next week.

The appeal comes two days after Judge Debbra Halford handed down a ruling in the Jackson Women’s Health Organization v. Dobbs case, stating that the complete banning of abortion across the state would continue to go into effect despite previous state rulings regarding abortion. The exceptions to the trigger law, which include confirmed cases of rape or if the mother’s life is at risk, were also ruled to be upheld.

After Tuesday’s ruling, the clinic announced it would be closing its doors as the state’s new trigger law was expected to go into effect on Thursday.

Now, the Jackson clinic has filed an appeal and petition in hopes to open once again in Mississippi.

“Pregnant Mississippians can no longer exercise their right to make one of the most fundamental decisions about their bodies, and their futures, and their families’ futures, and instead are compelled by the State to continue their pregnancies and give birth against their wills,” the petition stated. “Pregnant Mississippians seeking to exercise their constitutional right to abortion are instead required by the State to accept the 75 times greater risk of continuing a pregnancy and giving birth, and, for Black Mississippians, even greater risks.”

To see the full court documents filed by the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, click here.

Judge denies abortion clinic’s request to block Mississippi’s trigger law

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