GalloShow: Vicksburg Military Park gets HUGE expansion

In case you missed it, the Vicksburg National Military Park is getting an incredible expansion: 800 acres of some of the most historic battlefields of the Civil War. Catch the interview with Dave Hughes, filling in for Paul!

President Woodrow Wilson’s Mississippi Holidays

Mississippi’s latest museums are breaking attendance records! Bringing many people to the Magnolia State to learn about our unique history. Part of that history includes President Woodrow Wilson and his family spending their first Christmas and New Year’s as the First Family in Pass Christian, Mississippi. Brother Rodgers with Mississippi Department of Archives and History … Continue reading “President Woodrow Wilson’s Mississippi Holidays”

Happy Franksgiving (You read that right!)

You’ve never known the upcoming holiday as anything other than “Thanksgiving,” but imagine telling your family and friends, “Happy Franksgiving,” that is how it once was (at least for a moment in time).  Brother Rodgers with Mississippi Archives and History came back to the studio to tell us more.

Ryno’s “Aluminum Overcast” Flight

I had the opportunity to touch a piece of history, and unexpectedly, history seemed to reach through the years and touch me in ways a history class or Hollywood movie never could. When I loaded up in one of the final dozen or so B-17 Bombers still capable of flying, I was allowed to explore … Continue reading “Ryno’s “Aluminum Overcast” Flight”