ICYMI: David Singletary, independent candidate for Mississippi governor, talks prison reform and legal marijuana on the Gallo Show.

David Singletary, the only independent candidate for governor, joins us to talk his platform: legalizing marijuana, job creation, and prison reform. Get in here! Posted by SuperTalk Mississippi on Monday, April 22, 2019

Mythbusting: Hemp won’t get you high

Industrial hemp is no longer considered a “controlled substance” under the Farm Bill signed into law in December. That means farmers across the country can “produce a high-value cash crop while retaining federal farm program benefits that were previously not allowed.” There has long been confusion between hemp and its sister marijuana. They’re both varieties … Continue reading “Mythbusting: Hemp won’t get you high”

What would “Medical Marijuana” mean in Mississippi?

Conner Reeves and Jamie Grantham from Medical Marijuana 2020 stopped by The Gallo Radio Show to talk about the proposed ballot initiative for Mississippi. Similar bills have died in front of the Mississippi Legislature, and this group decided to “go around” lawmakers, taking the question right to the voters of Mississippi. Read more about the … Continue reading “What would “Medical Marijuana” mean in Mississippi?”

Medical Marijuana 2020 Ballot Initiative | @TheJTShow

Jamie Grantham(Medical Marijuana 2020) stopped by the studio to give an update on the collection of signatures for the petition that would put Medical Marijuana on the November 2020 ballot in Mississippi! If you missed her conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Gipson: Marijuana becoming an “invasive species” in Mississippi

Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gibson called into The Gallo Show Thursday to respond to a topic discussed on air about Canada’s legalization of pot. Commissioner Gibson breaks some news about hemp seeds detected in Mississippi seed supply.

Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative – @TheJTShow

Ms. Jamie Grantham(Communications Director – Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative) joined the conversation in studio to break down what the Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative is hoping to achieve. From how they got their start to running down the timeline of events they need to get the initiative on the ballot, she covers a lot of ground … Continue reading “Medical Marijuana 2020 Initiative – @TheJTShow”

A Unique Perspective on Drugs on @TheJTShow

James Moore joined the discussion to bring his unique perspective to the conversation surrounding decriminalization of marijuana. His son Jeffrey passed away in 2015 after an accidental overdose of Heroin, but during his 10 year addiction to controlled substances, he re-iterated to his father that if he only had access to Marijuana, he likely wouldn’t … Continue reading “A Unique Perspective on Drugs on @TheJTShow”

Matt Steffy Makes JT Think and That is Dangerous

Matt Steffy, a Professor of Law at Mississippi College, joined the conversation to to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision regarding HB1523, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his guidance on legal marijuana(especially as it pertains to states’ rights), and even a little bit on National Concealed Carry reciprocity. If you missed the conversation, you can … Continue reading “Matt Steffy Makes JT Think and That is Dangerous”