Hosemann talks flag, CARES Act

Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann will be sending the recently introduced flag resolution to committee today when the Mississippi Senate gavels in at 3:00 p.m. today. “Sometime today, I’ll assign [the resolution] to a committee as the first step in every legislative process begins with a committee structure,” Hosemann said on this morning’s episode of The … Continue reading “Hosemann talks flag, CARES Act”

Sen. Horhn: fellow legislators won’t join in removing the flag

Yesterday afternoon, a handful of Mississippi senators introduced a resolution that seeks to suspend the rules for consideration and ultimately revive Senate Bill 2446 to change the state flag. One of those senators, John Horhn, desperately wants a removal of the current state flag, however, he does not believe his peers in the Mississippi Legislature … Continue reading “Sen. Horhn: fellow legislators won’t join in removing the flag”

Senator Dean Kirby on the JT Show

Senator Dean Kirby has put together a proposal that he hopes will give Mississippians more control over the taxes needed to fix the Magnolia State’s roads and bridges, and he jumped on the air with JT today to discuss how he developed this idea, with some inspiration from the state of Georgia. You can catch … Continue reading “Senator Dean Kirby on the JT Show”