Gov. Tate Reeves Sworn in as Mississippi’s 65th Governor

The JT Show was LIVE from the Mississippi State Capitol for the inauguration of the 65th Governor of the State of Mississippi – Tate Reeves! If you missed the coverage of his Inaugural Address, you can find it here –

Mississippi Small Businesses Back Tate Reeves for Governor

Ron Aldridge(Mississippi State Director – National Federation of Independent Businesses) stops by the studio to break down why the NFIB decided to endorse Tate Reeves in his run for the Governor of Mississippi, and if you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Hood’s Hit-Piece a.k.a. The Mississippi Mueller Report

Your Attorney General Jim Hood once again proved he is either incapable of doing his job or simply uninterested as he wastes even more of your tax dollars propping up his Liberal Democrat agenda. Lucien Smith(Mississippi GOP Chairman) stopped by the studio to discuss Jim Hood’s incompetence and the reasons you should vote Republican for … Continue reading “Hood’s Hit-Piece a.k.a. The Mississippi Mueller Report”

Lt. Gov. Reeves: Government needs to prioritize projects

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves joined The Gallo Radio Show and talked about a shortened session, the lottery and gas taxes. Reeves says if we could set priorities for the government, we could fund what we need with the money that’s already coming in. Take a listen.

Breaking Election News on The Gallo Radio Show

Friday morning on The Gallo Radio Show was a big one as Lt. Governor Tate Reeves announced he will run for Governor this year. Reeves also responded to the issue with Senate President Pro Tem and the third DUI arrest. Also today – Dick Hall drops a bombshell that he will┬ánot be running for another … Continue reading “Breaking Election News on The Gallo Radio Show”

Reeves: Democrats ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves joined The Gallo Show this morning. The main topic was the proposed budget that suggested a decrease in total funding of about $1.3 million over fiscal 2018. On this clip, the Lieutenant Governor had some interesting things to say about the financial state of affairs the Democrats left his new office … Continue reading “Reeves: Democrats ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’”

Watson teases next political step

State Senator Michael Watson from Jackson County joined The Gallo Radio show this morning and talked about his relationship with the Lieutenant Governor. And Senator Watson hinted at which political office he’d run for next… take a listen.