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The Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs Since 1898

The Mississippi Federation of Women’s Clubs (MFWC), a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, is an organization of women whose goal is personal enrichment leading to volunteer service that benefits the community, state, nation, and world.

Did you know: MFWC organization helped organize and support the Mississippi Library Commission and established more than 70% of Mississippi’s public libraries. Not to mention, MFWC sold war bonds to purchase WWII bombers, supported the Child Labor Law, Miranda’s Law, and numerous others through our GFWC Legislative Action Center.

MFWC makes monetary and other contributions to the MS School for the Blind, School for the Deaf, and the MS State Hospital. We raised over $20,000 for Hope Lodge in Jackson and more than $25,000 in the TK Martin Center at MSU, to name a few.

And, if you have ever wondered whose house is at the corner of Woodrow Wilson and N. State Street in Jackson, it’s MFWC headquarters.

Becky Wright, the MFWC president, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things and celebrated the organization’s past, present, and future initiatives.

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Photo by SuperTalk – Becky Wright, president of MFWC 

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