Ham for the Holidays

While many Mississippi homes might argue over the must have Holiday side dishes- most are in agreement that wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey and a HAM! The guys for Logan Farm’s stopped by the Good Things studio to talk ham and teach Rebecca what NOT to do with ham. Are you making the same … Continue reading “Ham for the Holidays”

Vetted Tutors in Mississippi

Innovate Mississippi recently has a Venture Challenge with Lee Ingram walking away as winner. Lee’s innovative approach at pairing student to tutor has resonated on Ole Miss’s campus and is growing. CollegiateTutoring.com is an online platform which connects you to vetted tutors on your campus.  And, they know what we’re doing — since 2015, we’ve … Continue reading “Vetted Tutors in Mississippi”

Holiday Diabetes Management

Let’s face it, the holiday season can be a difficult time for anyone trying to watch their weight or eat with good health in mind. Those managing diabetes have a particularly tough time navigating the seasonal spreads while keeping their blood sugars in check. While it can be overwhelming, it isn’t impossible to stay healthy … Continue reading “Holiday Diabetes Management”

Enjoy the Natchez Trace this Fall

Mississippi is beautiful year-round, but there’s no denying that the vibrant colors that come along with fall make it even better. As the leaves begin to change this year, taking a trip on the Natchez Trace has some of the most stunning fall scenery in the state.  Park Ranger, Andy Danneker, joined us by phone … Continue reading “Enjoy the Natchez Trace this Fall”

Winners by Choice

Being optimistic doesn’t come easy some days or for some people (especially for us ladies) – life can be hard – and sometimes you need a friendly reminder that better days are ahead and you have the power to change it. Author and motivational speaker, Dale Smith Thomas, joined us by phone to talk about … Continue reading “Winners by Choice”

Mississippi Chef Makes Health a Priority

While it is no secret that Mississippi overall continues to struggle with finding balance between good food and fitness- it isn’t impossible- even if you are gaining wisdom in your age.  A Gulf Coast businessman and celebrity chef- Rob Stinson joined the conversation to talk how he took control of his health at the ripe … Continue reading “Mississippi Chef Makes Health a Priority”

Piney Woods School Celebrates 108th Founders Day

Piney Woods School International Alumni Association (PWSIAA) will celebrate their 108th Founder’s Day, empower scholarship recipients, and honor fearless PWS alumni who have risen to the highest levels of public service, launched successful companies and made groundbreaking discoveries. One such alumnus being awarded at this year’s gala is Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Army Reserve Sgt. … Continue reading “Piney Woods School Celebrates 108th Founders Day”

The “Cat House” in Corinth Mississippi

The B. F. Liddon House was started in 1902 and completed in 1907. We purchased the home in August, 2013. So excited to get started with restoration, we knew then it would be a slow process because the house had been without occupants for around 40 years. Like many of you, we drove by the … Continue reading “The “Cat House” in Corinth Mississippi”

Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency

You may have heard of MORA (Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency) but you might not know exactly what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. MORA / Donate Life Mississippi is a not-for-profit organization which sole mission is to inspire all Mississippians to save and enhance lives through organ, eye and tissue … Continue reading “Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency”

Prison Writers Initiative

There are over 20,000 prisoners in the state of Mississippi and most of them will return to the general population at some point.  Mississippi Prison Writes Initiative, believes that teaching them to read and write can provide invaluable skills for newly released inmates who are entering the job market.  Louis Bourgeois from Oxford, MS with the … Continue reading “Prison Writers Initiative”

Contemporary Southern Cuisine

If you pop into one of Mississippi’s finest, locally owned and grown restaurants, there is almost always an incredible story to be told.   And, that holds true with Ravine Restaurant out of Oxford, MS- and founder Jole Miller joined us by phone to share their unique story from sketch to reality. 

Together for Hope

Together for Hope, formed in 2001 and is a 20-year commitment to the 20 poorest counties in the country. Using the Texas Hunger Initiative toolkit, Together for Hope, is looking to cultivate a rural development coalition that can help build stronger communities from the inside out. Rev. Jason Coker stopped by the studio to talk … Continue reading “Together for Hope”