Gunn addresses COVID-19 outbreak within the legislature

Yesterday, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs announced that 41 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed within the Mississippi Legislature, and today, Speaker of the House Philip Gunn joined The Gallo Show to talk about the outbreak within the capitol. Hear Gunn talk not only about the coronavirus but about the upcoming school year below.

Hospital update from MHA President Tim Moore

President of the Mississippi Hospital Association (MHA) Tim Moore made an appearance on today’s episode of The Gallo Show in order to provide an update on where the state’s hospitals currently stand. According to the most recent numbers, Mississippi is now 5th per capita in COVID-19 cases, and over 800 patients are currently hospitalized across the state … Continue reading “Hospital update from MHA President Tim Moore”

Bondurant’s alcohol-free hand sanitizer works just as well

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hand sanitizer is becoming harder and harder to find in stores. Retired physician Dr. Sid Bondurant and his company, Medical Sparks Biologics, are offering an alcohol-free hand sanitizer known as DAB. It would seem as if without isopropyl or phenethyl alcohol, there is not a way for germs to be … Continue reading “Bondurant’s alcohol-free hand sanitizer works just as well”